Top Ten Reasons We’ll Miss Maggie McGary

As you may or may not have heard, Maggie McGary is leaving her role as Online Community and Social Media Manager at ASHA. Since I started engaging on Twitter a little over a year ago, Maggie’s presence representing ASHA has made a huge difference in my participation in the online community. While I only “truly met” her in person for the first time a few weeks ago, I have greatly appreciated everything she has done for the SLPeeps and for ASHA for much longer. So, here are the top ten reasons we will all miss Maggie McGary!

Chances are, there are, uh, more flattering group shots of us somewhere. But really, I think this sums us up pretty well. :)

Chances are, there are, uh, more flattering group shots of us somewhere. But really, I think this sums us up pretty well. :-) Maggie is far left, middle row!

1. She is the “face” of ASHA to the online crowd.

2. She goes above and beyond to make us feel welcomed and appreciated as a valuable part of ASHA.

3. She buffers us and responds to our concerns. (Because we are a vocal group, and goodness knows we voice our thoughts!)

4. She is an accessible part of an organization that sometimes can seem unaccessible. Maggie’s made us feel like our voice counts.

5. She appreciates the importance of connecting via social media, and she understands how strong and rich those connections can be.

6. She took the time to set up a tweet-up and spend time with all of us in person throughout the ASHA Convention.

7. She takes interest in our activities as a group, whether they’re serious (planning for a successful Convention) or silly (planning a flash mob)!

8. She helps us make meaningful connections with others in our field.

9. She just gets us! The whys/hows we connect online, what we are looking for from the ASHA social media accounts, etc.

10. I’m not sure if ASHA truly understands how important her role is in the SLP community. Hers will be tough shoes to fill, but I hope ASHA tries it’s very best!

Thank you, Maggie, for everything you’ve done! We wish you the best!!!

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons We’ll Miss Maggie McGary

  1. Maggie truly is the only person at ASHA that seems to understand and value the importance of the online world! Maggie has been a blessing for the #slpeeps and will be missed more than she can imagine!!!

  2. I am so flattered–thank you so much! I have loved working with so many smart, passionate people and being part of such a robust online community. So much of social media and community management is about brands trying to create community….it’s been a privilege to work with a self-created online community, and a bonus that you’re all so fun, nice, and creative! I’ll definitely be following you all online–and might have to crash #ASHA13 with my sister (she’s an SLP who lives in Chicago).

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